What kind of kitchen worktop to choose

What kind of kitchen worktop to choose?

Once you’ve chosen your furniture, think about what kind of kitchen worktop to buy. Remember also that its color must match the colors of furniture fronts. Most often a few tones darker worktop is chosen.

What is a kitchen worktop made of?

The cheapest and most popular are laminated worktops. Laminate, although it is a durable material, is applied on chipboard, which unfortunately is no longer resistant to water or high temperature.

In Scandinavian kitchens, natural wooden worktops are often used. In their case, you need to know that they are difficult to care for.

The most durable, but also the most expensive are stone and composite worktops as well as those made of conglomerates.

However, it often turns out that thanks to their resistance to external factors, such as flooding, high temperature or scratches, they are the best investment.