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Case Study: How We Renovated Our Cozy Apartment in California

Whether you have a big house with a multi-story building and a large garden; or it is a small apartment where you spend happy moments with your family; having beautiful interiors is the dream of every homeowner. Even if you designed your apartment several years ago, there are so many opportunities to modify its appeal now. Yeah! You can initiate a home renovation project with some modern interior décor ideas.

I live in a small apartment for the past 20 years with my husband and kids. I feel that it is a blessing to have a personal apartment in a busy and expensive city in California, and we were lucky to have one. But it was designed 22 years back with a traditional design approach, so we were planning to renovate it from the past few years. After all, the home décor and design techniques have revolutionized by great extend these days; so, we were interested in trying something new.

But there were two major challenges in front of us to carry this project: the major one was the budget, and secondly, we were worried about finding the right professionals to execute this renovation project. Fortunately, one of my friends suggested me to establish contact with professionals at Renovation in California. She was pretty satisfied with their services, and her confidence motivated me to book an appointment with these professionals. They were at my place on the very next day, and then we started a warm discussion on our home renovation ideas.

My husband and I were first little worried about whether the teams would understand our goals behind the renovation, but it was definitely a pleasing experience to talk to such experienced people who took our ideas to the whole new level with their innovative approach. We had a detailed discussion for around 2 hours, and they visualized every part of our apartment. With exploring the area, they gave us some amazing ideas for the renovation and explained the process very well. Without any doubt, we were surprised, but the only worry was about the required expenses to achieve that modern appeal.

Well, those professionals were keen to provide us with estimates about their exceptional design ideas. At first, we found it a little higher than our preferred budget range; but surprisingly, they offered us some alternatives for renovating a few sections of the house, and they were very affordable ideas. Finally, we signed the contract, and the renovation project began within four days as per our preferred time.

Without any doubt, the interior design professionals from Renovation in California provided us with a cutting-edge solution for renovating our tiny apartment. The entire project took around one month, and the overall appeal of the house was changed. We were extremely delighted to see our new home; it was the exact reflection of our dreams; even more than that. Soon we organized house warming party, and the guests were just stunned with the décor and the impression of the renovated apartment.

Author: Maria Lopez
(RenovationInCalifornia client)